Quilts From Patterns/Books - Wall Or Bed Quilts Quilts

Paradise Landscape
Susan Sherman
QP 1704

Stars for a New Day 3
Colleen Featherstone
QP 1739

Lucie visite Baltimore
Celine Chabot
QP 1800

Exotic Feathered Friends
Theodora Rijkhoff
QP 1828

Karen Power
QP 1830

Linda Schmidt
QP 1857

Down The Rabbit Hole
Sandra Croley
QP 1913

Starburst Blossom, Deconstructed
Heather Jarmyn
QP 1920

Heather Jarmyn
QP 1921

Shades of Red
Gail Lockington
QP 1933

Mariner's Compass
Linda Won
QP 1937

Diamond Wedding Star
Linda Won
QP 1938

Gary's Quilt
Marlene Speed
QP 1941

Strictly for the Birds
Olga Johnson
QP 1952

Ancient Stars
Judy Graham
QP 2024

Judy Graham
QP 2025

Bed of Roses
Kerry Burke
QP 2070

Rainbows Among Us
cathy Vickers
QP 2080

Long Time Gone
Joan Robinson, Kristyn McCoy
QP 2085

Audubon's Christmas
Diane Cork
QP 2103

MY Splendid Sampler
Josée Element
QP 2142

Urban Legend
Valletta Hudson
QP 2152

Warm Regards
Janice Trudel
QP 2163