CQA/ACC Quilt Judge Certification Program (QJCP) 

Are you interested in becoming a CQA/ACC certified judge?
Check back in the fall 2023

Quilt Judges

We encourage you to call upon the individuals listed below when you need qualified judges for your next quilt show.

Check out our list of Quilt Professionals for detailed profiles and contact information.


Certified Judges

Debora Barlow   Saskatoon SK   barlowdebora@gmail.com

Elinor Burwash   Edmonton AB   elinorb@telus.net   elinorburwashdesigns.wordpress.com

Carole Gold   Peace River AB   carolegoldquilts@gmail.com   freshofftheframe.com

Valerie Hazelton   Winnipeg MB   valeriehazelton@mymts.net

Lily Lam   Westmount QC   moonglowstudio@gmail.com

Karen Menzies   Oshawa ON   karenmenzies@rogers.com

Ann Perry   Rothsay NB   perryane@nbnet.nb.ca

Pamela Sjoden   Houston BC   psjoden@gmail.com

Elizabeth Spannring   La Center WA   trapunto@gmail.com

Wanda Steiner   Winnipeg MB   wsteiner@mymts.net

Karen Szakaly   Dalemead AB   gkszakaly@hotmail.com 

Judy Villett   New Westminster BC   jvillett@hotmail.com   www.judyvillett.com

Kathy Wylie   Whitby ON   kathy@kathykwylie.com   https://kathykwylie.com


Apprentice Judges

Apprentice Judges have successfully completed Module 3 of the Quilt Judge Certification Program.

Rebecca McAlpine  Victoria, BC rebmcalpine@gmail.com

Bonnie Rankin Stittsville, ON rankinbon@gmail.com

Linda Lake Sharbot Lake, ON llakeg@gmail.com