Mystery Quilt Along 2024

2024 CQA/ACC Mystery Quilt Along

Designed by Kathryn Wilson Tucker @quiltnasium Next Step Quilt Designs.

Open to everyone, we hope you enjoy it!



This quilt along will be revealed in stages, hence it’s a “mystery quilt along”! You can get started now with fabric selection, then watch here for new instructions on the third Friday of each month until June 21, 2024, when the final quilt top will be revealed.

Please be sure to post your pics and comments in the CQA/ACC Quilt Projects group on Facebook. We love to see your progress.

I am delighted to create this mystery quilt, Oatmeal Raisin, for you this year. Naming a quilt is always the hardest part of designing a quilt and generally has nothing to do with the design. One of my favourite cookies is oatmeal raisin thus the name of the mystery quilt.—Kathryn

Introduction to 2024 CQA/ACC Oatmeal Raisin Mystery Quilt Along

Note Kathryn’s comments about fabric choices, especially for the background, as it is used for both large areas and very small pieces. A low-volume pattern would work well. If you would like Kathryn to review your fabric choices, to ensure they will work well, post them in the CQA/ACC Projects group on Facebook, or feel free to email


Month 1 – December


Month 2 – January


Month 3 – February


Month 4 – March


Month 5 – April


Month 6 – May