Modern - Wall And Bed Quilts Quilts

Stepping Out
Jackie White
M 1707

Sticks & Stones
Tatiana Oleychenko
M 1738

Quarter Turn Medallion
Natalie Skinner
M 1749

Northern Lights
Cheryl Thomson
M 1775

Badass Quilt
Berene Campbell
M 1802

Maison Mondrian
Katherine Dossman
M 1825

Friendships Colour My World
Kathrine Grant
M 1847

Growth Rings
Patricia Dance
M 1849

Improv #3
Linda Schmidt
M 1856

Charm Circles
Anne Morrell Robinson
M 1909

Windswept Sparks
Linda McLaren
M 1943

Dancing Dragonflies
Betty Johnson
M 1972

Stacey O'Malley
M 1974

Cinzia Allocca
M 2005

Leap Of Faith
Kristyn McCoy
M 2007

Marilyn Farquhar
M 2011

Trippy Triangles
Kim Mullen, Brett Richmond
M 2018

Kim Mullen
M 2019

Our Song, Your Reflection: Sunset
Andrea Tsang Jackson
M 2032

Family Sanctuary
Hanna Farquharson
M 2034

Paris Art Deco
Mary Dylke
M 2057

Layers of Men
Susan Kyle
M 2060

Quarter Shott
Krista Hennebury
M 2089

The Power of One
Bill Stearman
M 2096

Checkerboard 5
Helen Garland
M 2109

Forever In a Pickle
Megan Little
M 2112

Krista Hennebury
M 2116

48 Years of Friendship
Julea Boswell
M 2125

Jasmine Travers
M 2127

Passing Through
Marilyn Cleven
M 2143

Leanne Chahley
M 2172

Margaret Notar
M 2176

Tattoo Quilt
Berene Campbell
M 2179