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Try-A-Triad Challenge 2020

This modern challenge includes the use of colours red, blue and yellow, which are equidistant around the colour wheel. Using these colours, CQA/ACC dares you to get in touch with your inner modern. Using solid colours only, play with design elements such as: negative space, graphics, improvisational piecing, grid work, asymmetry and modern traditionalism.

Triad colours are evenly balanced and play well together!

• Grab your colour wheel and use only the blue/red/yellow triad for fabric selection.
• Use solid colours only.
• Use one tint, tone or shade of each of the three triad colours. Only three fabrics in total can be used on the face of the quilt—including the background fabric.
• The quilt perimeter is to be no larger than 96 inches.
• Each quilt must be finished with either binding, facings or an enveloped pillow case style.
• There must be a hanging sleeve, at least three inches wide, for display purposes.
• All quilts must have a label with the quilt name and the quilter’s name visible on it.
• You may submit up to a 50-word explanation to accompany your quilt.

• Open to individual and professional CQA/ACC members. If you wish to become a member and participate, please go to and join the fun!
• Entries will be accepted through an online entry form on the CQA/ACC website until July 15, 2020.
•When the online entry form is received, a confirmation email will be sent to acknowledge the entry.
• All online entries will be entered into a virtual quilt show on the CQA/ACC website in late August/early September.
• The winning quilt will be selected by Viewers’ Choice during an online voting period in September 2020 (dates to be determined)  and will be awarded a $100 cash prize.