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Trend-Tex Challenge 2016 Award Winners

The theme for the 2016 TrendTex Challenge is “Living a Life in Green”.

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Three Generations of Greens
Green Acres
A Tree Grows on Planet Earth
Anne Shirley: Living a Life in Green Gables, PE
Living Gently
Living Life in the Greenhouse
The Warm, Wet and Wonderful West Coast


My Beautiful British Columbia
We Live a Life in Green
Bird Watching
There's No Place Like Home
Birdy, Birdy
For the Birds (and Everything Else on Earth)
Living a Life in Green
Growing Up Green
My Frog Prince
Three Generations of Greens
My Secret Garden
Bird's Eye View
Harmony in the Pond
If We All Did Our Part
Green Fog
My Mountain City
Cycle and Recycle
Seeking Balance
Birds in the Meadow
Trendy - The Mermaid
This Wonky Life
Green Going Gold
Green Quilter
Blown in the Wind
It Isn't Easy Being Green
The Return of Spring
Green Peace
It's Thyme
Birds in the Green
Looking Out My Window
Paddy's Place
Green Living
From Winter's White to Living a Life in Green
Caribbean Reflections
Rejuvenation - Working with Nature
Spring Unzipped
Green and Grey
Planet Earth: Handle with Care
Life at the Pond
Washing Day
Going Green
Flight in Green
Flowing Heart Chakra Energy
Singing Out the Blues
Summer Day in the Garden
Circle the World
Spikey Medallions
Dancing Barefoot
Leaf Mandala
Coming Gnome
Zoe's Windy Day
Over My Head
Fly Free
Life in Green Meets Global Warming
Birds in Blue
Living a Life in Green
Birds Watching
Nurture Nature
Living a Life in Green
Green Goodies