Signature Quilt from Nova Scotia and British Columbia

1957 Signature Quilt from Both Coasts



January 12, 2024


For not the first time in the last few months, CQA/ACC has received photos of a signature quilt and a request to help identify the original block makers based on their names and locations.

This 1957 quilt was discovered by Rebecca MacCallum in a consignment shop in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. The names embroidered on the quilt top are from both Nova Scotia and British Columbia. How are these quilters connected?

Signature quilt from Nova Scotia and British Columbia

All of the blocks were created using the same fabric, signifying that—like many signatures quilts—the blocks were made in various places by several people who are connected in some way, and then mailed to one quilter for assembly.

Rebecca was able to connect with a grandson of one of the Nova Scotia quilters named on the quilt. He is also sharing the list of names with his relatives. Rebecca intends to gift the quilt to this family once she gathers more information about all of the embroidered names.

Now, to make the same connection to the names and towns in both NS and BC. Some of the peoples’ names are embroidered with place names; some not. Do you recognize any of the names or families on this list?

Mrs. Jeanne Beck, Yale, BC

Bev Cellon (or Lellon or Ceccon) 

Billie Schulz, Copper Mountain

Yvonne White

Genevieve Solien, Oliver, BC

Mary Fik

Erika D. Krutz, Webster Corner, BC

Dot McGinnis 

Anne Fuller 

Mavis McBurnie 

Kae Colin 

Annie J. Bevan, Bryn Gwyn General Store, Lower Nicola, BC

Marge Harper 

Jean Booth

Anne Kloppenburg 

Mabel M.P. Lacombe, Copper Mountain
(this block also has two animals on it, and the names Mel and Jeff)

Jean Sikora

Mary Munroe, Lyons Brook, NS

Phyllis Cyr, Pictou, NS

Ella Bonnie, Mulgrave, NS

If these names are familiar, please email, and we will connect you with Rebecca.

We love these kinds of mysteries! Will keep you posted if Rebecca is able to find out more.


If you read another recent blog post, Making Connections at Quilt Canada, you’ll know we were chatting with a quilter from the Sagebrush Quilters Guild in Kamloops, BC, which is not far from where Annie J. Bevan and her husband, Thomas, ran the Bryn Gwyn store, also known as Bevans General Store (see the feature image at the top of this post). What a treat to receive the image below, and a couple of leads for Rebecca’s research, including the quilt’s possible connection between Nova Scotia and British Columbia. Thank you to everyone who emailed us or commented on the Facebook post. All of the information you shared has been sent to Rebecca.

In addition to following up on the connections, Rebecca’s current plan is to finish the unquilted top, and then display at her guild’s spring show in Westville, NS. Following that, she will gift it to a man who reached out to her after she posted about the quilt top in Nova Scotia. Three of his relatives have their names embroidered on the quilt, including his grandmother.

Bryn Gwyn store, Lower Nicola, BC

Quilt Canada July 19-22, 2023

Quilt Canada July 19-22, 2023

Quilt Canada July 19-22, 2023 in Edmonton, Alberta