TrendTex Challenge Auction September 23-26

July 15, 2021

Save the date for the CQA/ACC TrendTex Challenge 2021 Silent Auction.

The CQA/ACC TrendTex Challenge 2021 Silent Auction will be held online September 23-26. This annual fundraiser features all of the quilts entered into the Challenge, including the award-winning quilts shown below.

Register for the auction at, preview the quilts, then get ready to bid on your favourite Friendship themed creations.

Janet Reader Day

First Place award winner Even When I Push You Away You Always Come Back by Janet Reader Day; an original work from a personal photo.

Lauren MacDonald

Second Place award winner Friendship Blooms by Lauren MacDonald; an original design.

Carol Darou

Third Place award winner Friendship Refreshes the Soul by Carol Darou; an original design.

Philippa Zapf

Viewers Choice award winner Friendship: in a child’s eyes by Philippa Zapf; an original design.

Judy Millard

Judge’s Choice (Kirstin Fearon ) award winner Friendship is Quilting Together by Judy Millard; an original design. The central block is a modification of a Nelson’s Victory from The Quilter’s Block Bible by Celia Eddy.

Ann Coyle

Judge’s Choice (Patricia Koziol) award winner Friendship by Ann Coyle; an original design.

Jane Roszell

Judge’s Choice (Linda Lake) award winner My Best Friend by Jane Roszell; an original design.

Sandra Melnik

Judge’s Choice (Bonnie Rankin) award winner Shelter by Sandra Melnik; created from her own sketch.


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