photo of instructions for making a quilt hanging sleeve

How to Make a Hanging Sleeve

Jackie White
Summer 2018

Cut a strip 6″ wide by width of fabric. Fold narrow ends in ¼” to the wrong side of the fabric and press, fold under another ¼” and press. Stitch down both ends.

Along long edge, fold fabric in half right sides together. Stitch ¼” along edge of fabric to make a tube. Flip tube so right side of fabric faces out. Press tube so seam is located in middle of tube. Place seam face down on the ironing board. Lift fabric up and fold one inch on top of itself along the length creating a bubble in the fabric. Press. The bubble will allow room for the rod to go through.

Pin tube to back of quilt, sew the top and bottom of the sleeve to the back of the quilt with hand stitching. Be careful not to sew through all layers of the quilt.

Quilt Canada 2023

Quilt Canada 2023

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