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Events – Call For Entry List

2020: Future in Focus

CALL FOR ENTRY DATESSaturday February 1, 2020 to Sunday May 17, 2020
DATES OF EVENT/SHOWSunday June 7, 2020 to Sunday July 12, 2020


2020: Future in Focus is wordplay on the year and the term used for perfect vision, along with incorporating our name. 2016 gave us My Heritage, a look at the past; 2018, Climate Change, looked at our present environment. ​In 2020, Focus on Fibre Art Association looks to the future and invites members to share what they see on the horizon for themselves, their family, their community or the world.

ADDRESS: Enterprise Square, Edmonton, AB
CONTACT NAME: Arlene Tomnuk
CONTACT PHONE: (780) 462-6943

The Grand National Fibre Art Exhibition

New Brunswick
CALL FOR ENTRY DATESSunday November 1, 2020 to Tuesday December 15, 2020
DATES OF EVENT/SHOWFriday April 30, 2021 to Monday November 21, 2022


As time goes on, one encounters a point at which the normal path through life is divided. A decision must be made. Which way does one go? For better or worse the future will take a new path. Create a fibre art piece that represents a crossroad past, present or future that has a profound meaning to you and accompany it with your story.

ADDRESS: University of New Brunswick Art Centre, Fredricton, NB
CONTACT NAME: Carol Seeley

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