CQA/ACC Quilt Challenges

photo of the five fabrics for the 2021 TrendTex Challenge

2021 TrendTex Challenge

Theme: Friendship
Kits Available: October 1, 2020 for Members and November 1, 2020 for Non-members
Order Kit Online: 2021 Trendtex Challenge Kit
Order Kit by Mail: 2021 TrendTex Fabric Kit Mail-in Form
Read More: 2021 TrendTex Challenge
Download: 2021 TrendTex Challenge Guidelines
Contact: Irene Lafleche (directoratlarge@canadianquilter.com)
Sponsor: TrendTex Fabrics


photo of three young girls smiling

2021 Youth Challenge

Theme: Best Friends Forever (BFF)
Read More: Support a Young Quilter
Download: 2021 Youth Challenge Guidelines
Contact: Jane Cramer (jane.cramer@canadianquilteradministration.com)
Sponsor: York Heritage Quilters Guild


The Ties That Bind Quilt Challenge logo

2021 Member Challenge

Theme: The Ties That Bind
Read More: The Ties That Bind Member Quilt Challenge
Download: 2021 The Ties That Bind Quilt Challenge Guidelines
Contact: Irene Lafleche (directoratlarge@canadianquilter.com)