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Submission Guidelines


Canadian Quilter magazine features articles written about Canada’s quilting community. Readers love stories about makers and groups who significantly contribute to the fabric of Canada’s quilting in community. We welcome authors and designers to submit articles of interest and stories focused on the five “Q”s: quilts, quilting, quilters, quilting guilds and quilting events. Information and stories about fibre artists and fibre art are also welcome. When writing your article, consider how it is special and why Canadian quilters want to hear the news.

Articles should be between 300 and 1000 words, submitted in Microsoft Word and accompanied by at least one photograph, however more are recommended. Photographs must be hi resolution to provide clear print quality – the original from your phone or camera, or 300 dpi at full size. Please understand there is no financial compensation for articles.

Canadian Quilter receives numerous articles each issue. Acceptance depends on how article content fits within each issue. Once you hear from the Editor that your article is received, please be patient while waiting to find out whether it is a good fit for Canadian Quilter. The process may take several weeks.

Patterns and Projects

Patterns and projects are always welcome. Please send an email enquiry outlining the scope of your project with a photograph of the finished product. Compensation for patterns and projects is available and will be pre-arranged on an individual basis.

Once the pattern or project idea is accepted, submit the following by the pre-arranged deadline:

  • Clear, simple, step-by-step directions in Microsoft Word with a photograph of each significant step if possible
  • Photograph of fully finished project or pattern
  • Photograph of maker
  • Information about quilter, if other than maker
  • Contact information of maker (for readers), including website and social media
  • Complete list of all materials
  • Complete list of all cutting directions
  • Original photographs taken with your phone or camera… or 300 dpi at full size. Take photographs on a neutral background. Please DO NOT take photographs on a cutting mat.

For files over 20 MB please use: Google Drive, or
Please submit materials for upcoming issues, both articles and patterns, to our editor.

2021 Deadlines

Issue Booking Artwork Distribution
Spring December 11 December 28 February 15
Summer March 11 March 25 May 17
Autumn August 5 August 19 October 18

CQA/ACC Copyright Policy

CQA/ACC has exclusive use of articles as published in Canadian Quilter magazine for six months after publication so that the same article does not appear simultaneously in other publications. This policy does not prevent the author from publishing on the same or similar topics and/or engaging in writing blogs, using photos that were used in the article or sharing the information with colleagues and students. It refers only to the article as it is published in Canadian Quilter. CQA/ACC often publishes material on its website where the article stays indefinitely.