CQA/ACC Honours Black History Month

Black History Month 2022



February 1, 2022


Make a Log Cabin block or quilt

In 2020, CQA/ACC set an objective to highlight and represent a more diverse group of quilters and fabric artists, because we recognized the need to better reflect the population of Canada. As a national organization, CQA/ACC aims to represent quilters of all quilting styles, ages, genders, colours, and regions of the country, including people who are underrepresented in our quilting community.

We believe it is our responsibility, both as individuals and as an organization, to educate ourselves about racialized and marginalized people so we can ensure CQA/ACC is a welcoming place for all quilters to share their love of quilting.

We are inspired by the occasion to share stories by and about Black quilters that have been published in our member magazine, Canadian Quilter. These articles are now accessible by the public on our blog page: canadianquilter.com/blog.

“Buxton’s Forget-Me-Not Block of Honor Quilt”*

“Stitching Community” by Shannon Price, curator of the Buxton Museum*

“Deep Connectons” by Letitia Fraser

“Her Quilts of Many Colours” (Myla Borden) by Sarah Butland

“Quilting Activism: How Canadian quilters can get involved” by Sara Trail and Laura Hopper

*To learn more about the rich quilting history of Buxton, ON, registration is now open for Shannon Prince’s webinar, “Buxton Quilt Stories”, on Saturday, February 19 at 3 pm.

Log Cabin Block

The Log Cabin block –
A symbol of home, a safe place

CQA/ACC also encourages quilters to take part in the Log Cabin quilt activity we will be promoting on social media to honour Black History Month, to symbolize our commitment to creating a safe place for all quilters. We will be sharing block patterns throughout the month, and inviting you to share photos of your existing Log Cabin quilts as inspiration.

Log Cabin blocks start with a square unit in the middle, traditionally either red (symbolizing the hearth) or yellow (symbolizing the light in a window), with strips of fabrics around it that can be used to create different effects, depending on the colours and shades that are used. Because these blocks are made with such narrow strips, they are perfect for scrap quilts.

Beginners find the Log Cabin block fairly easy to make, and because of the multiple design variations possible, it’s also very popular with experienced quilters.

We will create opportunities on Facebook for you to share photos of your blocks and quilts, and ask that you use the hashtag #quiltforBHM when posting images on Instagram and Twitter. In the meantime, download a colouring worksheet for an 11-inch Log Cabin block, and start googling for inspiration!

Quilt Canada July 19-22, 2023

Quilt Canada July 19-22, 2023

Quilt Canada July 19-22, 2023 in Edmonton, Alberta