Spectra 2020

You Could be Quoting Shakespeare

A Textile Art Exhibition

The artworks in this exhibition interpret the theme: You Could be Quoting Shakespeare. Many of the popular phrases and sayings in common use today originated in Shakespeare’s plays and poetry. Our artworks address many of these in ways that we expect to intrigue and delight the viewer. We believe they also provide incentive to learn more about Shakespeare, his writings, and his influence on our language.

SPECTRA is a new group (2017) of Canadian women who have studied and are committed to the exploration and presentation of textiles as art. Each of us has our own unique style and textile interest which results in our varied approach to exhibition subjects.

Our members are primarily from Southern Alberta, including Calgary and the surrounding area. We have produced three exhibitions to date:

  • Abstraction, opened in 2018, toured through 2019
  • You Could Be Quoting Shakespeare, opened in 2019, touring though 2021
  • Communication, opening delayed due to COVID-19