Paradigm Shift

Entry #: W 2030

Entrant: Kerry Karram, Nicholas Turcan

Materials: Linen and cotton fabric, hand-dyed, felted-wool confetti, tulle, wash-away stabilizer, boning, boning casing, 100% cotton Warm and Natural® batting and wool roving. WonderFil® thread: FabuLux™, Master Quilter™, #8 Eleganza™ variegated perle cotton and Invisifil™.

Techniques: Hand embroidery, hand-dyed felted wool, wool confetti, collage, machine piecing and longarm quilting with a stitch regulator. Hand-stitched button holes and hand-covered and hand-embroidered buttons.

Credits: Inspired by the "Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams. Photograph by Andrew Karram.

Artist’s Statement: Where does inspiration come from? Our universe shakes and trembles, breaking into millions of shards of colours. This reversible jacket’s jewel tones tumble out of the darkness, suspended by a spider’s silk, reflecting our humanity, our brilliance. Shadow balances light, each completing the other, all within us. Show your true colours and wear them well.

Wonderfil Entry: Yes

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