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The quilters at the Region of York Quilters Guild in Newmarket Ontario are known for their generosity and
willingness to give back to the community. We are starting off 2020 in our 35th year as a Guild and continue to grow and prosper! We began in 1985 with 25 members and have grown over the years to a membership of 200! Some of our members are award-winning quilters who have been featured in the Canadian Quilters Association magazine and have had quilts entered in Quilt Canada!

We hold monthly meetings where an interesting and professional quilter is invited to share their story.

Our Outreach program sees our quilters making hundreds of quilts for needy organizations in our community. We
also represent Quilts of Valour and have been responsible for making dozens of quilts for our injured Canadian Military Members.

New to us is our Youth Program where we encourage young people to learn to sew and quilt. We have several members who go into schools to teach and we also invite children and their parents to come to us to learn.

Our Executive team is 24 strong making our Guild as good as it can be. We have so many dedicated volunteers who are currently gearing up for our bi-annual Quilt Show in 2021. Every member of our Guild is valued and celebrated for their contributions. Some of us are beginners and some well past that but all of us love quilting and want to use that skill to give back to our community.

submitted by Sue Sherman