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TrendTex Challenge 2019 Entries

The theme for the TrendTex Challenge for Quilt Canada 2019, Ottawa ON is “#Trending”

Thank you to all those who contributed their wonderful creations for the TrendTex Challenge auction at Quilt Canada 2019, Ottawa, ON.

Click on any image for a larger view.

Stand Tall
Falling Into Place
Trending - Texting
Cats Will Be Cats
Why this and not that?
Frayed Fashion
Breaking the Surface
Midnight Blue Dahlia
Trending Explanation
Time Goes Viral
Trending - Family Time
Keep on Trending
Circle of Life
Chit Chat
Because a friend asked ...
Leave it to Ahmik
Square Dance
Trending Towards Nancy Crow
Find Your Inner Peace
What Would the Birds Write?
Curves and Circles
Quilting, There’s an App For That!
From All Over to Us
Voices Carry
#Climate Change
A Viral Spiral
Island Quilt Trends
All Eyes on You
Word Travels Fast ...All Around the World
Shape Shifter
Having Some Fun
Vote It Up!
Mushroom Homes
Hashtag Love Quilting
Everybirdie Loves a Selfie
16 x 9 Trending
Words Trending: Twitter, Tweet, Tweet
Poems by N. N.
My Funky Village
# Modern Quilting
Fat Cats With Attitude
Oh! Canada
Trending Can Be Fun
Fun With Trends
"Riding the Wave"
Flower/Quilt Relation
Mermaid Pin
#10, 17, 2018
Fabric Distribution over the Years
"Owl You Need is Love"
Symbols Linking the World
Wet Blanket
Global Warming in Two Pieces
Market Trends
Quilting - Trending All Around the World
Then and Now
Lime Green Is My New Black
Why Not?
Quilt Trending
Random Thoughts
Endless Chatter
Which Way Bow Ties?
Time for Fair Play, Canada!
Canada's Wall