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Trend-Tex Challenge 2015 Award Winners

The theme for the Trend-Tex Challenge for Quilt Canada 2015 in Lethbridge, AB is “Blowing in the Wind“.

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Nature's Leaf Blower
Civil Rights
Wayward Wind
My Favourite Time of Year
Red Sails in the Sunset
Prairie Winds
Blowing in a Prairie Storm
Blowing in the Wind with Old Man Winter


Swirling Winds
The Answer
Blown Away
Anthem for a Soldier
Inherit the Wind
Wind Blown Squares
Blown Away
Moving With the Breeze
Blown Right Out of Me Boots
No Pansies Here
Blowing in the Wind
Blowin' in the Wind
View From a Homesteader's Window
Muskoka Tree
Blowing in the Wind of the Elements
Coulees Amidst the Tableland
Bent Trees
The Answer, My Friend
Rebecca Laughs in the Wind
The Fall Dance
The North Wind Blows Where It Will
Bad Hair Day
Blowing in the Wind
Good Old Southern Alberta
Autumn Joy
Prairie Wheat
Catching a Breeze
Sudden Gust
Blown Away
Windmills, Windmills and More Windmills
Things I've Seen ... Blowing in the Wind
Gone With the Wind
Tumbleweed and Falling Leaves Blowing in the Wind
Up! Up! and Away
Sunrise Sail
Catching the Wind
Paint With All the Colours of the Wind
Blowing in the Wind - Downunder
Come Fly a Kite
Changing Seasons Autumn Winds
The Big 5-0 eh!
Red Sails in the Sunset
Lost Flock
Gently in the Wind
Blowing in a Prairie Storm
Self Portrait.... Wind Blown
Whispering Winds On NE 23-07-01 W2nd
Rainy Lethbridge 2014
A Blown Away Memory
Blown By the Wind
Question: Answer
Happiness is Blowin' in the Wind
Far Beneath
Dad, Kites and Memories
Of Tumbleweeds and Faded Memories
What is a Leaf Without the Wind
"Look in the Mirror" - Storm Brewing
Sunflower and Bees
Blowing in the Wind
Windy Pinwheels
Blowing Dandelion
Wind Sighs: Kite Flies
Bugs, Buttons, Blossoms, Batik & Bordeaux
Buzz Off
Flowing and Blowing
Miknight Sunshine
Blowing in the Wind
Rocks & Trees