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As I write this report, the world is hunkering down in an attempt to get control of CoVid-19. Part of a recent message from Saskatoon Quilters Guild president, Kathy Reid, follows:

“We are living in interesting times as we work to find a safe pathway through the COVID-19 virus.  So far, it appears the social distancing / self-monitoring / event cancellation / travel advisory measures put in place by our various governments appear to be serving us well here in Saskatchewan. 

The SQG needs to find ways to model adherence to government health and safety measures for a variety of reasons that include, but are not limited to:

1.  Our membership, for the most part, is part of the vulnerable population for this virus.

2.  Many in our membership have a habit of travelling (and enjoying themselves!).

3.  Our community leaders are asking all of us to pay attention to social distancing, personal hygiene, self-monitoring, and virus containment.

4.  In the last few days, advice from various government departments has become more restrictive for group settings, not less restrictive.    

Your executive has decided that at this time, we are discontinuing all SQG meetings, sewing days and guild activities until further notice. “

But, before the current situation, 2020 started with several programs including feature presenters Monika Kinnear-Whelan; Brenda Downing on Creating Paper Flowers; Diane Cochrane on how she used the guild scholarship she received last year; and Berna Ostapovitch on Creating Temperature Quilts. Our Guilders Goodies offerings were:Sue Spargo Embroidery Stitches by Judith Gidluck; and Project Bag by Linda Seeman Korte.

We featured Linda Seemann Korte, a celebrated quilter and crafter. Linda created a pattern for Funky Zipper Pouches, made with Kraft-Tex. A short biography of Linda and her pattern are published in kraft-tex Creations, a new Stash book by C&T Publishing. Additionally, photos of her designs feature on the inside cover. Congratulations Linda!

This is a stressful time for all as we use best practices to keep ourselves, and others, safe and healthy. As quiltmakers, we are adept at taking control of our time and using available resources to create wonderful items and to access/share our skills online while adhering to physical distance requirements.

Stay safe.

submitted by Georgette Ehr