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You are invited to join us for a one hour Zoom webinar presentation by Paul Leger on Wednesday, March 13 at 7 pm ET.



Description of Presentation

Paul’s Quilting Journey

During the Trunk Show, Paul will regale you with his journey in quilting! He’ll share many of the quilts he’s made since his first one in 1990. As well, he’ll show you many of the inspiration and the quilts he designed. Paul will talk about what inspired him and explain his thought process in making some of his creations and choices.

About Paul Leger

In 2016 after a 16 year career with the federal government and a 21 career in the Canadian Armed Forces, Paul retired. His journey in quilting began in 1990 after his mother, a quilter and dressmaker, encouraged him to buy a sewing machine “for sewing emergencies”. One day, he got the idea to cut up the good parts of some old air force uniform shirts. “Why?” you ask – at the time he had no idea. After a few days, Paul recalled that in the “old days” people would use clothing to make bed quilts, so he set off to cut up more old shirts in an isosceles trapezoid shape, using SURGICAL SCISSORS!

With only an idea in his mind he sewed the pieces together. Neither the corners nor the blocks were square. When he ran out of fabric pieces, he made his first trip to a quilting shop, where he got advice and bought more fabric. First top completed and liking the process so much, he had a second quilt top completed before the first one was sent to his mother for quilting. Very quickly, quilting became his passion. Paul has made over 275 quilts and has never looked back.

Paul has given presentations and workshops across Canada, is a regular magazine pattern contributor as well as a regular guest blogger. Paul is also very much involved with Quilts of Valour Canada in the designing of patterns and leading sew days where he can.

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