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You are invited to join us for a one hour Zoom webinar presentation by Kathleen Riggins on Tuesday, February 13 at 7 pm ET.



Description of Presentation

What is Wool Felt Embroidery?

Learn from Kathleen as she shares how to applique wool felt projects, then stay as she shares her favourite embellishment techniques to create unique masterpieces out of wool and thread!

    About Kathleen Riggins

Kathleen has been quilting and sewing since before she even remembers, since the time when her mom would put the sewing machine on a short table and the foot control on a box so Kathleen’s little legs could reach. Her bio once included the line “Kathleen will do anything to avoid sewing by hand” but has since changed her mind, and now can be found doing hand embroidery as often as she sews on a sewing machine (and sometimes more). Kathleen loves bright colours, texture, and pretty much anything that involves thread. When she isn’t sewing you can usually find her out adventuring with her husband and two small boys.




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