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Our magazine is published three times a year and celebrates the rich talent of Canada’s creative quilting culture. We feature all genres and their makers while fostering the passions and preserving the traditions of our vibrant quilt making community. Current and back issues of Canadian Quilter are available at a cost of $12.99 each.

Summer 2020

Summer 2020 will be unique for most Canadian quilters as life revolves around slowing the spread of COVID-19 and spending more time at home with close family. CQA/ACC is proud to share the summer issue of Canadian Quilter which highlights home-based, quilting activities. Learn a quick way to keep quilting muscles relaxed and stretched, become inspired by dozens of member quilts all of which share their version of home, or start a slow-stitching project for yourself or with those youth wandering the household. All kinds of quilting goodness waiting just for you!


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photo of collection of batik fabrics designed by daphne greig

Boro Stitching: The Ancient Japanese Practice of Mending

Boro is a Japanese word meaning “tatters,” originally born out of poverty. Rural women would apply layer-upon-layer of indigo-dyed hemp with running stitches, also known as Sashiko

photo of lace doilies and embellishments

Slow Time with Slow Stitching

We sat with stitching in our laps and discussed the speed in which the days, months and years seem to pass. It was a Friday – where had the week gone

photo of a selection of three cats shweshwe indigo print

The Bolt and the Beautiful: The Shweshwe Saga

Born in South Africa into a family of creative seamstresses and knitters, it is no surprise that I love shweshwe. This traditional, 100 percent cotton print evokes many memories, the first of which is as a little girl in the fabric warehouses

photo of rose parr demonstrating how to do a seated row

What Makes a Healthy Quilter?

Eat-Sleep-Move might be good for the average soul, but for “sew-cialites” it is Eat-Sleep-Move-Sew — not necessarily in that order. Many quilters forget to eat, think that sleep is a waste of time


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