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National Juried Show 2019 Award Winners

We are honoured to present the 2019 National Juried Show winners
from Quilt Canada 2019, Ottawa ON.  

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For Such a Time as This
To the Nines
Purple Sensation
Wave Worn
Vancouver 2019
Turning Point
Cree Hunters II
Winter Walk
Archway at Scotney Castle
Winter Chinook Evening
Exotic Feathered Friends
Diamond Wedding Star
My Splendid Sampler
Andalusian in Grey Scale
Black Pearl
Underwater World
Swallow Medallion
Checkerboard 5
Leap of Faith
Tree of Life
Paradise Landscape
Bed of Roses
To the Nines
Return to Creativity
Revenge of the Doodle
Please Don't Leave Yet
Naomi's Boat
Rainbows Among Us
Tattoo Quilt
Chicago Art Deco
Trillium Song
Vantage Point