Spring Flowers Hexagon Quilt

Spring Flowers

Jackie White
Spring 2021

The first blossoms of spring are a welcome sign of warm days to come. Pull together a collection of sunny prints and plant your own garden, making a statement with big, bold hexagons.

This hexagon quilt comes together nicely in either prints or solids. Try varying the scale of the prints to create interest. Go scrappy, choose a monochromatic colour scheme (perhaps blue, green and cream?) or think seasonal – Easter, Halloween or Christmas anyone? So many possibilities! The bonus? No Y seams! The Half Hexie Template helps make cutting quick and easy.

Spring Flowers quilt layout

Download the Spring Flowers Quilt Pattern for the fabric requirements and step-by-step instructions.


Maine Quilts July 27-29.2023

Maine Quilts July 27-29.2023

Maine Quilts July 27-29.2023