photo of a slow-stitched vintage journal cover

Romantic Slow Stitching: Make a Vintage Journal Cover

Kerry Karram
Autumn 2020

In the recent Summer issue, I shared with you the joys of slowing down and becoming more mindful of the process as we create. That article was written prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. I now feel like it was almost a foreshadowing of things to come. Our world became somewhat of a  dangerous place and we were instructed to stay home.

I’m at loss for words for how to start my second segment. To say that the world has changed in the last little while is an understatement. What we have been experiencing is beyond imagination for most. In our family, we have grieved the loss of a senior in a care home, encouraged others through illness and yet others through the loss of their businesses. We are out each night at 7 pm cheering in gratitude for our dedicated healthcare providers and front-line workers, which are numerous in our family. My outlook on life has been forever altered.

photo of antique linens and lace

Keeping a journal can help us deal with overwhelming emotions, helping to manage stress and anxiety, and improve mental health. My hope is that in this project you will remember and honour the women who created exquisite doilies, crafted beautiful lace and trimmed linens with delicate crochet. I hope you will revisit their lives as you place, layer and stitch, and that you find connections to their traditions. Let’s create a journal cover together, one bound in history for you to record your own memories – a place to write, to sketch and to contemplate.

During your ‘stay-at-home’ time, did you delve into long forgotten linen drawers? Did this warm your heart and stir memories? Do you have a collection of wonderful linens, lace and hankies that you can cut and layer for our project? I’ll let you in on a secret – I not only found more lovely handmade laces and doilies, I found my grandmother’s pearls! One of her deep beliefs was, “Love’s greatest gift is remembrance”. I encourage you to look at vintage textiles in a new repurposed and ‘upcycled’ way.

photo of materials for making a journal cover

To get started, download the instructions for my Romantic Slow Stitching Vintage Journal Cover and create your personal project, relishing in slowing things down.

Quilt Canada June 18-21, 2025 in Toronto, Ontario

Quilt Canada June 18-21, 2025 in Toronto, Ontario

Quilt Canada June 18-21, 2025 in Toronto, Ontario