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A Quilter with Zip!

Marcy Horswill
Winter 2018

She doesn’t remember when she started sewing because she was so young, but Laura Coia does remember always sewing. Being the oldest girl in a family of six children, during a time when girls did the inside work, Laura had many chores, however sewing and mending were the chores she loved! I love to simplify sewing, so it is not a fearful, but an easy, fun thing to do.

In grade six, Laura washed her neighbour’s windows in trade for an old, treadle, sewing machine. She toted the machine around her home, sewing when and where she could. By grade eight, Laura was the proud owner of three sewing machines! As a teenager, Laura was invited by her church to help make blocks for a quilt. Laura had to “stitch and fold and turn and stuff and stitch,” that first block, finding some of the steps difficult. However, by the end of that block, she was “hooked” on quilting and pitched in to make more blocks. Laura realizes, “later in life…that (she) started (quilting) with one of the most difficult blocks, the Cathedral Window!”

Not favouring one quilting style over another, Laura exclaims, “I want to do it all!” She explores her creativity, trying every technique and enjoys the freedom of sewing and quilting anything.

Though Laura happily gives sewing tips and advice to people, and has all of her life, she considers herself more of a “helper” than a teacher. Laura’s YouTube channel allows her to share knowledge with an expansive audience from all over the world. The best part – she teaches people from her comfortable home, allowing her to help more people than she would travelling the road.

The Internet, specifically YouTube, launched Laura on a sewing adventure. Technology allows her to film sewing sessions easily, edit them if necessary and share with others worldwide with the “simple click of a button.” Laura is passionate about getting people engaged in sewing, saying she loves:

“giving (viewers) the confidence and knowledge to go out there, start a project and actually get it done. To take pride in their work and to spend quality time in their sewing room. It’s such a rewarding and stress-free thing to do. To provide knowledge and to simplify sewing, so it is not a fearful, but rather, an easy, fun thing to do… Just being able to share the exciting world of sewing: new ideas and old ideas, new tricks and old tricks, new techniques and old techniques…. it’s a great feeling to be able to spend time sewing with so many people —some of whom go from being viewers, to becoming subscribers, who then feel like an extended family.

Though Laura happily gives sewing tips to people, she considers herself more a “helper” than a teacher. Laura enjoys feedback and comments from her subscribers and followers. The comments inspire her to make more videos to help people and further explore a multitude of ideas and projects.

For those readers who haven’t heard of YouTube, Laura explains it is, “one of the most popular video sites” on the Internet. The site is free with millions of videos, which you can access on all technology, cell phones included; Laura’s channel is Sew Very Easy. Comments and questions will be shared during the live session, so people can participate at Quilt Canada or from their home!

Quilt Canada 2019, in Ottawa, ON, will be home to two exciting events for Laura. She is having a trunk show while sharing entertaining stories and sewing tips – sure to be fun! Laura is also hosting a live broadcast of her YouTube video session in front of the audience. It is scheduled for Thursday, June 13, 2019, at 2:00 pm (EST), which is Laura’s regularly scheduled time on YouTube. The video will be aired immediately on Laura’s channel for all subscribers and those who can’t attend the event. Comments and questions will be shared during the live session, so people can participate at Quilt Canada or from their home! Laura is looking forward to the live shoot—so spontaneous and fun! Following the broadcast, there will be a question and answer session for the attending audience.

 photo of quilting instructor laura coia wrapped in a red and white quilt

Recently, Laura was given one of Canadian Zoomer® magazine’s Zoomer of the Year awards. The magazine, geared toward people between the ages of 45 to 65, searched Canada for people who, “embrace the meaning of zooming— someone inspiring, who is reinventing aging… on-the-go, continuing to learn, explore and create, while helping others along the way… a boomer with zip!” Watch Laura’s videos and you will quickly understand why Laura was chosen. Her energy and enthusiasm is boundless – Laura makes a person want to sew! Honoured to receive the award, Laura is thrilled and thankful to “represent the Canadian quilting community and CQA/ACC”.

SewVeryEasy is hosted by Laura Coia. It is an educational and entertaining video channel, sharing tips and techniques on quilting, sewing and crafting with the hope of inspiring people to spend more time sewing. The videos are great for both the novice and experienced sewer.

Videos are posted each Tuesday and Thursday at 2:00 pm (EST). Laura explains things so well, she really does make sewing and quilting so very easy. She also gives exciting lectures and trunk shows, as well as hosting fun-filled, educational, workshops. Laura is a freelance educator and registered professional with 45+ years of experience, including seamstress work, quilting, tailoring, garment repairs and construction and teaching; she is also a published pattern designer.

Quilt Canada July 19-22, 2023

Quilt Canada July 19-22, 2023

Quilt Canada July 19-22, 2023 in Edmonton, Alberta