photo of soft stretch iron-on adhesive by Heat n Bond

Favourite Finds: Iron-On Adhesives

Jackie White
Autumn 2020

photo of the lite iron-on adhesive by Heat n Bond

Heat n Bond Lite Iron-On Adhesive Sheets
Let’s take the guesswork out of iron-on adhesives. Heat n Bond Lite is a ‘must have’ for your quilting room. Reach for it any time you need to fuse your projects. It truly is a dream to work with when turning your quilt into that pièce de résistance that you want it to be. Perfect for both hand and machine sewing, needles slide through it with ease and there’s no residue left behind on the needle. It is wonderful for machine appliqué and allows for so much creativity when adding embellishments to your quilts. If you quilt, you need this in your stash!

photo of two soft stretch iron-on adhesive by Heat n Bond

Soft Stretch Iron-On Adhesive
Lite – This is a terrific adhesive when working with any type of stretch fabric that you need to be able to sew through. Easy to sew, permanent, and lightweight, this iron-on web adhesive is specially designed to move with stretch fabrics while maintaining a strong bond. It is perfect when making clothing, totes and bags. Use with appliqués, knits, stretch denim, spandex, jersey fabrics, fleece and flannel.

Ultra – A no-sew, permanent, lightweight, iron-on web adhesive, Heat n Bond Soft Stretch Ultra is specially designed to move with stretch fabric  while maintaining a strong bond, all without sewing! It’s always a treat when you get a no-sew product that will help you add those special finishing touches with ease. This is perfect for adding that final piece, say an adorable patch, onto the elbows or collar of a quilted jacket while still allowing for stretch and movement. There is no added bulk and it maintains a soft hand after fusing.

photo of ultra hold iron-on adhesive by Heat n Bond

Heat n Bond UltraHold
UltraHold is a paper-backed sheet of solid adhesive for no-sew products. Three times stronger than traditional fusibles, it is your iron man of fusing and will become your go-to product for all your no-sew projects that involve heavy fabric, leather, wood and denim. Quilters love to branch out and experiment or work with kids and this product helps you get that finished look to make your creation perfect.

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