Favourite Finds: Batting, Pressing Mats and Cutting Boards

Jackie White
Spring 2021

Fairfield Toasty CottonTM
Natural Cotton Quilt Batting
Fairfield has introduced three sizes for their new Toasty Cotton batting – 45″ x 60″, 72″ x 90″ and 81″ x 96″. This is the perfect 100% natural cotton quilt batting for all your quilting needs. It is needle punched with a slight synthetic scrim for strength, which is a great choice when making quilts that are to be used. More and more quilters are having fun making wearable quilted items and this batting is ideally suited for that as well.

Mini Pressing Board
This little gem from Sew Easy has a 9″ x 4″ pressing surface and folds up to make it small and compact – perfect for traveling! It is also handy to set up close to your home sewing machine for those quick presses that are so often needed between stitches. Kids love using this board as it is the perfect size for them and easily sits on a table.

Quilted Ironing Mat
Quickly convert any flat surface into an ironing board, also from Sew Easy. Some quilters love to leave an ironing mat right on top of their washing machine to give pre-washed fabric a quick press. It folds up easily, ready to store and grab for your next project. Mat size: 23.6″ x 21.7″.

Wool Pressing Mat
Pardon the pun, but this is the hottest item in the quilting market right now! A wool pressing mat retains heat so your fabric gets pressed on both sides. Made from tightly felted New Zealand wool, it absorbs moisture from heat, allowing for minimal to no required steaming and beautifully accurate pressing. This is an absolute must have for every quilter. The mat is half an inch thick and comes in two easy-to-use sizes, 14″ x 14″ and 18″ x 28″. From Unique Quilting.

Folding Cutting Mat
How many times have you struggled trying to take your cutting mat to a retreat or quilt day? With this terrific folding cutting mat, also from Unique Quilting, you can simply fold, pack and away you go! These mats are new and improved to give the quilter the best experience when cutting fabric. Their original interlocking design ensures that they stay flat and smooth for cutting. Available in two sizes: 12″ x 17″ and 17″ x 24″.

Order these products online from your local sewing store.

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Quilt Canada July 19-22, 2023

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