Checkerboard: A Small Big Stitch Hand Quilting Project

Linda Costantini
Autumn 2018

Are you intrigued by the notion of Big Stitch hand quilting and you are looking for a project with a modern feel? Checkerboard is a great place to start. It’s a pillow pattern created by piecing a background of low volume prints with a graded range of bright, coloured prints.

There are probably some – not you, of course – who swear that they will never ever quilt by hand. Never say never! Here is your chance to explore the art of hand quilting while drawing from your stash of scraps. Wouldn’t you embrace a reason to grab a few minutes of quiet? This project helps take you into a world of rhythmic stitches with fabric you lovingly bought.

Download the Checkerboard Big Stitch Hand Quilting instructions and go with the flow. Note: This project focuses on learning to Big Stitch hand quilt and includes finishing instructions, including directions for how to make an envelope backing to easily insert your pillow form.

Finished size: 15″ x 15″

Quilt Canada July 19-22, 2023

Quilt Canada July 19-22, 2023

Quilt Canada July 19-22, 2023 in Edmonton, Alberta