2022 – 2023 CQA/ACC Guild Insurance Program Application

CQA/ACC Member Guild Insurance Information

Please complete this form to apply for the 2022/2023 Guild Insurance Program. Even if your guild is already covered by the current insurance program, your guild will still need to complete and submit this form. Your guild must have an active CQA/ACC Guild Membership to apply. Guild membership will be billed with insurance. Membership will be synced with the insurance period coverage.

GUILD MAILING ADDRESS (where insurance certificates should be mailed )

Please note if you click NO then your guild will need to have an executive in place before your guild is eligible for CQA/ACC Guild Insurance.

Please note we do not offer a stand-alone property insurance.

Invoice will be sent to your guild by September 30 and will include insurance and your yearly CQA/ACC membership dues.