2021 – 2022 CQA/ACC Mystery Quilt – Paeon

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Please provide a JPG of your quilt. Images must be in JGP format and smaller than 3.5 megabytes. Please note: If you upload a large photo, this form will take a few minutes to process.

Please Note:
1. Image upload time will vary and can take minutes. Click submit once and wait until you receive a notice of success.
2. If your project is to be published in The Canadian Quilter newsletter, CQA/ACC will contact you for an image of your quilt in jpeg format that is between 1-3 MegaBytes.
3. By filling out this form and submitting your entry to CQA/ACC you are providing consent to have this information be published on our website, blog and FaceBook and in our printed magazine called “The Canadian Quilter”.