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2019 Member Guild Challenge – Quilting goes Viral

Welcome to the 2019 Member Guild Challenge Gallery – “Quilting Goes Viral” – thank you to all those who participated!

The Viewer’s Choice award winner is Rachel Matthews for “Quilting Goes Viral – Out of the Box”

Quilting Goes Viral - Out of the Box
Quilting Epidemic
Viral Replication
She Told 2 Quilters
Share Again
Around the World in 80 Seconds
Spread the Word
Without Borders
Cottage Sunrise
Quilting Goes Viral in Canada
Endless Possibilities
Ripping It Up As Agility Goes Viral
Lapland Night Lights
Oh, the Possibilities
U.V. Particles
Pineapple Promenade
Silver Threads
Viral Plus
Sew Sweet
Focus: Do You See What I See?
Spinning Into the Future
Riding the Wave
The Love of Quilting has Gone Viral
10K likes #One at a Time
Exponentially II
Posie Spin
Viral Away
Microbial Virus
Purple Rain
Viral Vector
Viral Mutation
Purple Goes Viral
Living Skies
Quilting Goes Viral
Quilting Into the Future
Endless Time
The Vortex
What Did One Quilt Say to the Other Quilt
Bird Flu