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The first meeting of quilting season,Sept 12, 2019.Twenty two attended.Guest speaker was Sharon Meyer the First Nations & Metis education consultant for the Northeast School Division.She was born & raised on Beardy’s & Okemasis Willow Cree Reserve West of Duck Lake, SK.  Sharon spoke about the Star Blanket & its importance to their culture  .She showed many examples of the Star pattern.  We gained a greater understanding of the First Nations people from Sharon.    Our program director Chris Keays introduced the Pizza Box Quilt project.  Quilters that sign up are given a numbered pizza box. The box contains a simple quilt pattern.  The first person uses that pattern to make a block,attaches her name,adds fabric for another block & passes it to the next person on the list.  The box keeps being added to & passed until  received by the first person.  Then she sews the blocks together adding sashing & borders if desired.  She can keep the quilt or give it to charity.   October 1st, Louise Bulmer will show us aproximatly 150 quilts she has made at her home.

submitted by Mary Reimer