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December 13, 2018 meeting we worked on charity quilts & individual  projects.This was our last meeting of the year so we had a pot luck supper at 6:30 P M.There were many delicious salads,main dishes, & desserts.  Some  were gluten free for the members that needed them, which was very thoughtful & welcome. We  had a short business meeting & show & tell.  The President & Secretary had a surprise game for us.  Members were asked to bring an unbreakable gift that would fit in the palm of our hand worth  $6 or less We gave the gifts to Helen & Eileen  as we arrived.  They came out of the storage room carrying a large pair of oven mitts, dice, & a large ball of plastic wrap in which the gifts were hidden at random.  One person rolled the dice while the person  beside her tried  to take the plastic wrap off the ball wearing the oven mitts.  When the dice rolled doubles or a gift was obtained, the game stopped. The mitts, ball, & dice were passed to the next person. It was hilarious!  Everyone got a prize. January 2019  there were a lot of projects shown at show & tell.  We started making plans for our Quilt Show May 4th.  Our Vice President Theresa Casavant has been taking pictures at show &tell.  They are posted on the Tisdale Quilters Group Facebook page.

Submitted by Mary Reimer