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Quilt Judges Certification Program

In 2009, the Canadian Quilters’ Association/Association canadienne de la courtepointe (CQA/ACC) launched a program to certify quilt judges called the Quilt Judge Certification Program or QJCP.

The Certified Judge

To become a certified quilt judge there are important areas of knowledge and skills required. Quilt judges need to have a comprehensive background of quilting knowledge encompassing traditional, innovative and current quilting styles and techniques, as well as a solid understanding of the principles of colour and design. A judge must be able to express their findings in positive, constructive terms, using appropriate language. They must be able to work with co-judges and show staff cooperatively. 

Find a Certified Judge or an Apprentice Judge here.

The Program

Module 1

  • This is a one-day class to give an introduction to judging and is designed for anyone thinking about becoming a
    judge, scribe, juror or aide.
  • Also designed for those interested in organizing a judged show, entering a judged show or broadening their knowledge.
  • This module is available as a stand-alone workshop for interested groups or guilds and at the annual CQA/ACC conference.

Module 2

  • Home study.
  • Required reading, book reports

Module 3

  • Intensive classroom instruction which is evaluated. Concludes with an interview.
  • In-depth study of colour, design and workmanship in quilts, textile arts and clothing
  • Written and oral critiques will be stressed

Module 4

  • Apprentice Judges gain experience judging and jurying which is evaluated by the show organizers using the CQA/ACC documents provided

Module 5

  • An extensive mock judging exercise at a CQA/ACC National Juried Show
  • Candidates are evaluated on oral and written critiques and their ability to negotiate with co- judges

Certified Judges

  • Certified Judges attend the annual professional development day at the CQA/ACC national conference
  • Assume jury and judging duties for the NJS as required
  • Submit documentation of Continuing Professional Development, annually

Our QJCP Instructors are Joyce Brown and Judy Villett. If you have any questions about this program, please send an email to

For current Module pricing, please contact Jackie Philpott, Admin Asst at

Download a pdf copy of the QJCP brochure – click here