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Quilt Judges Certification Program

In 2009, the Canadian Quilters’ Association / Association canadienne de la courtepointe (CQA/ACC) launched a program to certify Quilt Judges. It was created to ensure that quilts entered into judged competitions are evaluated by qualified Judges. Upon completion of the program candidates will hold a professional designation, CQA / ACC Certified Quilt Judge.

The Certified Judge

To become a Certified Quilt Judge there are important areas of knowledge and skills required. Quilt Judges need to have a comprehensive background of quilting knowledge, encompassing traditional, innovative and current quilting styles and techniques, as well as a solid understanding of the principles of colour and design. A Judge must be able to express their findings in positive, constructive terms, using appropriate language. They must be able to work with Co-Judges and Show staff cooperatively.

Find a Certified Judge or an Apprentice Judge here.

The Program

Module 1

  • A one-day class designed to give an introduction to judging
  • Designed for anyone thinking about becoming a Judge, Scribe, Juror, or Aide
  • Also for those interested in organizing a judged show, entering a judged show or broadening knowledge.
  • Fee: $150

Module 2

  • Six to twelve months of home study
  • Required reading, journaling and sampling from assigned books
  • Analyzing quilts
  • List of additional books read, classes taken or other on- going quilting / art education
  • Fee: $100

Module 3

  • Four days of intensive classroom instruction plus an interview and evaluation on day five
  • In depth study on evaluating colour, design and skills in quilts, textile arts and clothing
  • Written and oral encouraging comments will be stressed
  • Fee: $900

Module 4

  • Apprentice Judges spend up to three years gaining experience judging and jurying
  • The show organizers will evaluate your performance
  • Home study as required in the Module 3 interview
  • Documentation of Continuing Professional Development
  • Fee: $100

Module 5

  • An extensive mock judging exercise at a CQA/ACC National Juried Show
  • Candidates are evaluated for their oral and written comments and ability to negotiate with co- judges
  • Fee: $200

Quilt Judge Certification

  • Professional dues
  • Certified Judges will submit documentation of Continuing Professional Development
  • A program to monitor and record professional development activities is planned.

Module 1 & 5 will be offered one year with Module 3 on alternate years.

Our QJCP Instructors are Joyce Brown and Judy Villett. If you have any questions about this program, please send an email to