FQ Lotto Winners, Round Six

November 22, 2021

Congratulations to our sixth group of Fat Quarter Lottery winners: Barb C. (ON), Nicole M. (ON), Deborah M. (BC), Mary McD. (ON), and Mary W. (ON). Each received a lovely bundle of nine ruby red fat quarters to add to their stash!

The lottery is part of this year’s 40th Anniversary celebrations. Every 40 days we tally up the entries and award between 8 and 12 red fat quarters to the winners. The number of winners for each draw depends on the number of entries received. For example, if we have received 36 entries we will draw four names and each person would receive nine fat quarters.

Our next¬† and last draw is December 31, 2021 when we’ll be giving away the submissions received between November 22 and December 31. Get in on the fun while you have the chance!

Please send your entries to:
Ana Dailey
CQA/ACC Administrative & Website Assistant
4367 Third Street
Petrolia, ON, N0N 1R0

Find all the details in the Members Only Studio.

If you have any questions our Director at Large, Irene Lafleche, will be happy to help.


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