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Welcome to the new CQA/ACC Website.  We hope you enjoy our new look.
Here are some hints to help you navigate and find the information you need. 

HOME page – return to the Home page from anywhere on the website – click the CQA/ACC Logo in the top left corner.
FOOTER Icons – take you to those specific pages – for example clicking on the QC2018 logo will take you directly to the all the current information about Quilt Canada 2018.
EVENT CALENDAR – Clicking on the red highlighted dates in the Event Calendar will take you the quilting events that are starting on that date.
RECENT POSTS – The most recent  information on events and activities happening across Canada.  Clicking on the topic will take you to the detailed news posting on that topic.
SOCIAL MEDIA Icons link you the CQA/ACC social media pages.
CONTACT – button in the navigation bar takes you to a message page where you can choose who to send your message to – Board Member, Administration or Regional Rep.  Using General Inquiry will send your message to the CQA/ACC administrative assistant.