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2018 National Juried Show – Call for Entry

Quilt Canada 2018

The National Juried Show takes place May 31- June 2, 2018 at the Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver B.C.

On line submissions will be accepted starting September 1, 2017.

Entry requirements and link to the on-line entry form HERE.







Art – Abstract

Entry must be non-pictorial, with emphasis on color, line, and design.

Art – Portrait

Entry must illustrate some recognizable aspect of the human or animal form.

Art – Landscapes, Still Life

Entry must illustrate aspects of natural or manmade scenery or a recognizable object(s).

Quilts from Patterns/Books/Workshops – Wall or Bed Quilts

Any entry that uses a published pattern, or was started in a DESIGN workshop. Credit must be given to any pattern designer, book author/publisher or workshop instructor. Provide names in Design and Credits section. Products from kits are not eligible. Quilts from workshops other than design workshops are not eligible.

Traditional – Wall and Bed Quilts

Entry must be an original design based on traditional-style piecing, appliqué or wholecloth. Historical blocks or patterns in the public domain may be used. Quilts from published patterns are not eligible.

Modern – Wall and Bed Quilts

Entry must depict the Modern Quilt Movement, demonstrating originality in the design, colour and/or techniques. Historical blocks in the PUBLIC DOMAIN may be used. Quilts from published patterns are not eligible.

Miniature – Wall Quilt

Entry must have a reduced scale and miniaturization of a full-size project. Traditional pieced, whole cloth or applique may have maximum perimeter of 96″. Pieced blocks may have maximum size of 4″. Art quilts (landscape, abstract, portrait or still life) must be miniaturized designs reduced to a maximum perimeter of 36″. Quilts from published patterns are not eligible.