When is a quilt not a quilt?

Elizabeth DeCroos
A Zoom Webinar

You are invited to join us for a one hour Zoom webinar presentation by Elizabeth DeCroos on Wednesday, December 13 at 7 pm ET.

Description of Presentation

When is a quilt not a quilt?

Reversible patchwork is more than just a quilt with piecing on both sides. It is piecing that is made with a reversible seam. That means that it is only one layer of fabric with no batting or backing. Although that means that technically it isn’t a quilt, it is still a fun technique.

This type of seam was first used in ancient Korea to hand piece pojagi, but today there are different methods for stitching a similar seam by machine. Elizabeth DeCroos from Epida Studio will share the story of how she first discovered the technique, show how to do it and give you inspiration for using it in many different types of projects.

About Elizabeth DeCroos

Elizabeth started sewing as a child, and has always been interested in a variety of needle crafts. Even though there were no quilters in her family, she was drawn to quilting and decided to learn how to do it. Her first teachers were library books and magazines.

In 2009, she took her young family to South Korea, where she had the opportunity to learn about pojagi – a traditional Korean textile form that goes back thousands of years. In pojagi, there are different techniques used to make wrapping cloths to wrap and carry special items.

Upon returning to Canada, Elizabeth developed techniques for similar patchwork using a sewing machine and materials more readily available. She continues to experiment and design with different fabrics and techniques in her home base – Epida Studio.

She enjoys teaching and sharing projects through both in-person and virtual lectures and workshops. You can see her full range of quilting, pojagi and embroidery patterns and tutorials at epidastudio.com.















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