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Notice to Members re Email Issues:

Not receiving our monthly member e-newsletters? Or not getting an email response from CQA/ACC when you email us? We apologize for these issues.

CQA/ACC has experienced problems with our emails being sent from the email address being flagged as spam and not arriving in our members in-boxes. In particular this problem is prevalent with member emails that are with, and Sometimes our emails are going into members junk mail box, however at other times the emails are bounced out by the member’s service provider before they even reach the members in box. And to make matters worse we are not receiving a bounce notice, so we are not aware that members are not receiving our email responses. This leads to frustration for everyone.

We are working with the service providers to try to get the problem resolved. There are things that you can do to help this.

Make sure you list addresses as contacts so they are not filtered to your junk mail folder.

Contact your service provider, especially if you use and, and explain that you are not receiving emails from Canadian Quilters Association email and that you are a member of this organization and want to receive these messages. If enough members complain about this, it will encourage the service provider to remedy the problem.

You can also sign up and use a web based email service such as or, as we are not experiencing the same problems with these services.

And if you have emailed us and have not had a timely response, please call Jackie Philpott, our Administrative Assistant, and let her know. Our toll free number is 1-877-672-8777 (North America)