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May 3rd and 4th, 2019 marked a big change in the way the Cranbrook Quilters Guild presented their biennial Quilt Show.

With the mantra of “less work – more fun” the Guild wanted to present their show in a way which would showcase their work in a fun way, but eliminate the climbing of ladders and all the hard physical effort it takes to stage a show of up to 200 quilts and quilted works.

To that end guild representatives approached a large furniture store in Cranbrook with the idea of not only showcasing the quilts but taking advantage of the beautiful area, and comfort and ease of displaying;  using the furniture and surroundings of the store.

The store owner and staff were100 percent behind the plan and with rules and objectives laid out and agreed by all concerned,  plans were set in place over the next few months, for registration, set up and take down; which were all completed quickly and seamlessly.  Friday and Saturday saw over 200 quilting enthusiasts walk through the store each day, eyes wide and surprised by the displays.

The staff were amazed at the organization, the public were thrilled with the show and the guild members happy seeing their quilts on beds, table runners on tables and quilted treasures placed in attractive displays.

The comments of the public were overwhelmingly in favour of the venue and the coziness imparted around the large two-story store was warm and inviting.  With bannisters, beds, dressers, tables, and chairs and sofas, the furniture shopping public as well as the quilting fans, were thrilled with the look.  It was a lovely experience taking your time and sitting and enjoying the surroundings.

As well as the show, a quilt raffle, donation table, outdoor barbeque and boutique table were part of the weekend.  An indoor venders market was a three minutes away walk for the always keen-to-shop visitors.

Would we do it again,  would the store owner and staff want to do it again?

Overwhelmingly –Yes!!– on all fronts.

The enthusiasm and generosity of Ken Bridge and staff  made this a Win Win Quilt show for everyone.

It could not have worked without Ken Bridge and company.  The beautiful furniture made our quilts look even better!!

Visitors Choice ballots were tallied and 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes were awarded  in both Quilts and Quilted Treasures categories.

Jeannette Oddy, winner of the Canadian Quilters Association Rosette and Viewers Choice with “Wedding Star” designed by Judy Neimeyer

Donna Lamond was the 1st Place Viewers Choice Winner in the Quilters Treasures category with her rendition of her dancing grand daughter

Displaying the quilts in their rightful place added so much to the show. Viewers were thrilled.


Submitted by Deidre Gold