Clarington Quilt Guild: – Doors Open Again After An Almost Two Year Hiatus

Joyce O'Connell
March 21, 2022

On March 17th, Clarington Quilt Guild opened it’s doors again after an almost two year hiatus, and the excitement amongst all the members was very welcoming. The Guild has also made a switch from an evening meeting to a day time meeting, and this too has been very well received.

The Program for the first meeting was set up to encourage meaningful quilting discussion, great “ice breakers” when we had been apart for so long. The topics for discussion were 1. “Let’s Talk About Your Stash”, and 2. “Did COVID provide you with the opportunity to revamp your sewing area and quilt like crazy!” These were round table group discussions were one person on each table was appointed to read a list of questions pertaining to each topic, and then share the comments from the group with the whole Guild.

There was much discussion, you know how us quilters like to talk, lots of laughs and a few revelations…… all of which led to a very cohesive atmosphere.

The “Show & Share” that followed the discussions was truly amazing – it seemed like quilts were coming from all directions, not only quilts of all sizes, but bags, table runners, tree skirts, small wall hangings and pot holders – we soon realized that COVID didn’t stop our quilters from producing in abundance during the shut down, and that was a very great thing and made us all smile!

We also have a 50/50 fundraiser every month where a member will receive half of the collected proceeds, and then we have two further prizes of “Goodie Bags”. The lady who makes up the “Goodie Bags” always creates a theme for the month and it is always a “surprise” as to what you will win. This month our meeting happen to fall on St. Patrick’s Day, and so the bags contained coordinating green fabrics, and a green chicken pin cushion. You would NEVER be disappointed! She always does a great job!

The meeting ended on a very high note, and we are all looking forward to our next one in April. Who knows what that will bring.