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Our guild returned Tuesday, September 3rd.  It was wonderful to see sew many familiar faces, we welcomed one new member.  Sign up for the community fall fair was filled.  The fair’s quilt section is organized and managed by the guild.  The show and share portion of the meeting, was delightful, as usual.  The programers had the members reach under their seats and find a number on a sticky note.  The number on the note, indicated which Olympic team you were going to be in.  Each team met to decide on team captain, team name, team plan and who was bringing what (sewing machine, rotary cutters, etc).  In our second meeting of the month, September 17th, the teams will be (surprise) provided with the fabric.  The goal is to sew a flimsy for a comfort quilt.  I will let you know what happens!

submitted by Margaret Pieti