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Our Guild members have been very busy. At our annual
Christmas pot luck meeting in December, our guild presented 124 ‘Comfort’ quilts to several local charity groups for distribution to their clients and client’s families.

46 quilts were presented to the Camrose Women’s Shelter to be shared with women and children using the shelter. (This in an ongoing commitment for our guild to supply the shelter.) The remaining quilts were distributed as follows: 41 quilts to the Louise Jensen Centre under the Bethany Group; 16 quilts to the Rosehaven Provincial Project under the Bethany Group; 11 quilts to Covenant Health St. Mary’s Hospital Camrose; and 10 quilts were presented to be distributed
to new mothers who recently attended education upgrading through the Province’s Learning Together program.  All of this is an example of the generosity of BRQG members who tirelessly create beautiful
comfort quilts for distribution in the community.

submitted by:  Carole-May Coty

Standing is Joanne Geertz, BRQG President, who presented 46 quilts to Lynn Horseman (standing left) and Nora-Lee Rear (seated front, left) both representatives of the Camrose Women’s Shelter.