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2019 NJS Entry Form

The NJS will take place at Quilt Canada 2019, June 12 to June 15, at the EY Centre, in Ottawa, Ontario.

Entries for the 2019 National Juried Show (NJS) will be accepted commencing December 5, 2018 and will close as of January 31, 2019 at 9:00 p.m. EST.

Submit your entry via the form below:

Personal Information
Quilt Information

Please list your Quilt Size in inches

IF your entry was inspired by a workshop, class, artist, image, event, literature, etc., please provide details.

There is no limit but please be brief and avoid repeating the same information in the Artist's Statement!

Have you had an entry accepted into NJS before?
Techniques Section
Please specify any additional techniques used (e.g., felting, collage, confetti, etc)
Please list materials (e.g., cotton, hand-dyed cotton, mixed fibres, silk rovings, Tyvek, Angelina fibres, tulle, foil, Shiva paint sticks, etc)
If the majority of your threadwork is created using WonderFil Threads and you would like to make your entry considered for the WonderFil Award,
Please briefly outline your inspiration, goals and unusual techniques used. Keep to a 50 word maximum. Do not include names or other information that would reveal the identity of the maker’s.

(Parts may be concealed from judges to protect the anonymity of the artist. The statement may be edited for publishing.)

When determining the price, please remember that CQA/ACC will retain 20% of the sale price.
(for Insurance Purposes)
I understand that If my entry is juried into the NJS, I am giving CQA/ACC permission for my entry to be photographed. This includes photographs by the public and by CQA.ACC for archival records, educational purposes, all aspects of CQA/ACC online social media, the Canadian Quilter magazine and/or other publications and advertisements created by CQA/ACC.
Images and Final Section

Digital Images

  • The Overall view of your work including all edges should fill the view finder and be taken straight on
  • Eliminate distracting background clutter
  • Ensure the quilt lays flat and the shape is not distorted
  • Images must be free from textual or other information revealing the identity of the artist
  • The quilting stitches must show clearly in the detail image
  • Images must be submitted in jpeg (jpg) format, 4 Mpx or or higher, with a minimum width of 2400 pixels
  • If your internet connection is slow, avoid image files larger than 1.5MB.
If other than Entrant
Please review your information you entered above BEFORE you press SUBMIT ENTRY. Once it has been accepted you cannot go back and change it - you will have to contact the Jury Coordinator to have changes made.

Once you press SUBMIT ENTRY, please be patient for the photos to upload and process, so wait for the GREEN CONFIRMATION MESSAGE (you can see the progress bar of the upload of each photo and then allow about 5 to 10 seconds after each one completes for it to process the photo - then the screen turns transluscent and then you may need to wait another 30-60 seconds to get the CONFIRMED message). Do NOT use the BACK or REFRESH buttons in your browser, and do not navigate away until the process is complete. Doing so may result in incomplete or duplicate entries!

Carole Gold, NJS Jury Coordinator – – for questions relating to your entry, such as category, etc.
Jackie Philpott, Admin Asst, – for technical difficulties in completing the entry form and payment questions.