Wilderness Serenity

Entry #: AL 1999

Entrant: Lynne McCulloch

Dimensions: 26" x 31"

Materials: Cotton fabric, satins, own hand-dyed fabric, mixed fibres, oil paint sticks and markers. WonderFil® thread.

Techniques: Free-motion embroidery, curved and inset machine piecing, machine appliqué and fused, raw-edge appliqué. Domestic-machine quilting and longarm quilting with a stitch regulator.

Artist’s Statement: My inspiration is my northern shoreline, which I am endeavouring to protect for future generations of people, plants and animals. By creating differently layered and mixed fabrics, I attempted to achieve the shimmering fluidity of water upon the plants, stems and waterlilies of this serene moment. Original design from my photos and drawings.

Wonderfil Entry: Yes

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