Quilt Canada 2016 in Toronto Ontario

Quilt Canada 2018

Guidelines for Proposals



  • Quilt Canada 2018 will take place May 31st - June 2nd at The Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, BC.
  • Teacher’s name must be in the file name of all attachments – this is essential for admin purposes e.g. Bio Mary Smith.
  • Please address any queries you may have well ahead of the deadline on 15th March 2017 to Liz Thompson at cqacoordinator@gmail.com. Please do not leave your queries or the completing of your online application to the last day as this just becomes stressful for everyone, including yourself. We highly recommend you work through the online application form ahead of time to familiarize yourself with it. It may take several hours to complete inputting all the information so please take this into consideration. 
  • Please note that we will ONLY accept online applications.  Any applications sent by email or those submitted online after midnight PST on 15th March 2017 will not be accepted. We are very firm on this so please do not ask for exceptions to be made.
  • For class descriptions, may we suggest you use a clever, “catchy” title for the class to encourage registration. Good marketability of your class is essential. Choose workshop/lecture titles and descriptions that inspire & excite. Boring and “old” is not good. Trendy, original and contemporary is what encourages quilters to sign up.  
  • Pictures of class project or technique is ESSENTIAL – must be clear pictures of whole project as well as close ups. More than 1 picture per workshop/lecture if possible, please. The more we have to look at, the better to assist us in the selection process. All attachments must include class title. You can use FastStone Photo Resizer, a free download, to resize pictures to less than 0.5MB.
  • Please offer a good choice of inspiring, original and contemporary topics:  1 day and ½ day workshops and 2-3 hour lecture formats are required.  We require a minimum of FIVE topics please with the ability to select topics to possibly fill 3 full days of teaching/lecturing.
  • Proposals should be compiled in a similar way to an application for a job: Please offer a Quilting Resume which gives ALL relevant information briefly and is presented in a logical and professional manner.
  • Please note that the resume and the bio are not the same thing. Please ensure the bio is a short (100 word maximum) synopsis of who you are/some of your accomplishments. The bio will be used to advertise your classes and should read like a short story about you/your quilting. The resume is a point form list of your qualifications and accomplishments. We need both formats please.
  • Please avoid sending incomplete proposals with vague descriptions.
  • A website or blog with further information about the teacher, classes & body of work is very helpful.
  • We have been asked to be specific about the topics we are looking for. This is difficult to list as various teachers/presenters each have their own area of expertise and topics for classes and lectures. As a teacher, you will know which of your classes are popular and well supported. You will also know what topics are trending and highly sought after. We are looking for popular workshops which have a strong likelihood of selling out! The 2018 Selection Committee will be taking all of this into consideration when selecting teachers for Quilt Canada 2018. We will look for a variety of topics to interest a wide spectrum of quilters:

          traditional; modern; art; long arm; quilting on domestic machines; quilting software
          beginner; intermediate and advanced topics
          design; project and technique classes.

Please address any queries you may have to Liz Thompson at cqacoordinator@gmail.com

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IMPORTANT INSTRUCTION:  Every time you press NEXT, the information so far submitted will be saved.  After filling in and submitting the application form, applicants will receive an email with a link to the main application form.  If you are completing your application in sections over time, you need to use the URL given in the email to return to your application.